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Our ultimate research goals are to understand key drivers of cancer progression and identify novel therapeutic drug combinations to cure cancer. To achieve this, we develop and use genomic and epigenomic mapping, editing and imaging approaches to understand genome regulation in normal and malignant settings. We integrate experimental tools with large-scale computational data analysis approaches to test our hypothesis and verify our findings.

We utilize and develop cutting-edge functional genomics strategies, including CRISPR based manipulation tools, to understand dynamic gene regulation and 3D genome organization in normal and cancer settings. These efforts are built on our previous expertise in genome-wide approaches and development of novel technologies for cancer research. Our lab has developed particular expertise in utilizing and developing CRISPR technologies. We are using these approaches for targeted and genome-wide CRISPR screenings to identify critical drivers of and combinatorial drug-targets for cancer.

Our lab is part of Robert Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine.

We thank the following organizations for their coninuous support and funding for our research...

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